Van Trung Industrial Zone

Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province
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# Start Planning area 350.30 ha Available area for rent 212.54 ha Update 2015-02-02
Location Introduction
Van Trung industrial park Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province
Distance to major cities 6 km from Bac giang; 60 km from ha noi
Nearest Seaport 110 km from hai phong port
Nearest Airport as near as Noi Bai international airport
Nearest railway station 3 km from Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi - Lang Son - China rail way station

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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
Quang Chau industrial park is located in the north major economic zone Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh, as near as Noi Bai international airport and sea ports, convenient to transport export and import commodity. - Logistics and transportation: Bac Giang province has multiform traffic system with three types of traffic (roadway, waterway, airway) are reasonably distributed and easily connected with the key economic zones inside and outside the country. * Waterway: Trung – Viet transporting ship (Hai Phong – Hong Kong) has daily departure, time of transportation is 3 to 4 days. * Viet – Trung road ( Bac Giang – Tham Quyen) time of transportation is 1 to 2 days. * Airway (Ha Noi – Hong Kong) has daily departure, time of transportation is 1 day
Electrical services
The power is obtained from the National power grid, divided into many routes to ensure a stable power supply. Power is taken from 22KV line running through the area.
Gas services
ICT services
Ensure the requirements of enterprises
Water service
The water is taken from Cau river, water storages and booster pumping station of clean water plant in Quang Chau IP. 6,000 m3/day and night (phase I)
5,000 m3/day and night (phase I)
- Finance – Banking - Insurance: In plan, there are some banks place their exchanging branch in the Quang Chau industrial park to make the convenient for investors in exchanging and transferring acitivities.
Training School
* Training schools and centers: - 1 university; - 1 vocational college; - 1 professional college has registration of training the vocational college, intermediate and primary qualification; - 6 vocational intermediate schools; - 4 professional intermediate schools have registration of operating and training the primary vocational qualification; - 25 vocational training centers; - 9 regular education centers; - 38 other private center for training vocation.
Housing for workers
Other utility
Abundant labor force, low labor cost: Quang Chau Industrial Park has new, abundant and skilled labor resource from traditional vocational villages in the province and the surrounding areas. In addition, the industrial park in the area of Bac Giang province is specified as 3th area with labor cost lower than other areas, which is will be met the recruitment demands of investors. Infrastructures of Van Trung Industrial Park has been synchronously invested, the ground has been cleared completely, constructed and installed systems of supplying power, supplying clean water, wastewater treatment, firefighting, lighting, internal roads. * Security: there is police post in IP ensuring security and order. * Hospitals : Currently the whole province has 265 public health basis and 02 non-public health basis, in which: - Hospital facilities in provincial grade have 01 hospital (500 beds); 05 specialized hospitals (100-170 beds/ hospital); 01 regional general hospital (150 beds); 01 preventive medicine center; - Hospital facilities in district grade have 09 hospitals, (scale of 85 – 120 beds/ hospital); 10 preventive medicine centers. - Hospital facilities in communal grade has 229 clinics of wards and towns Customs: 3km distance from Quang Chau industrial park. Bonded is in establishment planning of the IP. - Tourism - travelling – accommodation (hotels, restaurants): Bac Giang province is proud of their abundant cultural resources with many landscapes, which are favorable conditions for Bac Giang to develop tourism, spiritual culture, and ecotourism combining resorts. With the advantage of convenient transportation, the service of resorts, restaurants and hotels are arising.
Land lease price USD 50~55/m2/44years (excluding VAT)
Factory lease price USD 2.5/m2/month
Management fee
Electricity prices According to the price of EVN
Water prices VND 9,300/m3 including VAT
Labor costs According to State’s regulations (reference data is in difference subjects to each enterprise). - Minimum of salary: VND 1,800,000 - General workers: VND 1,800,000 - Technical workers: VND 3,000,000 - Management worker:
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee
Other expenses Infrastructure use expense: USD 0.5/m2/month
Investment Incentives
High-technology, electronics, mechanics
Priority Industries Contact info
Mobile: +84-4-37475998