De Tham Industrial Zone

De Tham ward, Cao Bang city
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# Start Planning area 92.21 ha Available area for rent 35.27 ha Update 2015-02-04
Location Introduction
De Tham IZ Infrastructure Development Company
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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
To the North: Adjacent with No. 3 National highway and No. 4 National highway (according to general planning); To the South: adjacent to Khu Khuoi Kep mountain; To the East: near to the landfill of town; To the West: adjacent to Hung Dao commune.
Electrical services
- The national power grid system has capacity of 110KV; - Dynamic power supply system: IZ is equipped a power substation (16 MVA-110 KV/22 KV), with 22 KV power network located on spun concrete pillar having 18m height. - Internal Lighting system: Installing two power substations (50KVA-22KV / 0.4 KV), using underground cables.
Gas services
ICT services
- Telecommunication services have coverage on the whole Province;
Water service
- The water is supplied from Bang Giang River water plant (also the water plant of Cao Bang city) has the capacity of 5,000 m3/day. The water is brought to a tank with capacity of 900m3. The IZ booster pumping station has average capacity of 3,600m3/day (or 150m3 /h) - Drainage system: + Including slot with aperture of B400-B1000mm; + Pits:800-1200 x 800 x 800 x 1,200 x 1,500 m; + Box culvert on street 600-600 x 400 x 800, and the circular sewer D1000 D 1500 pipe culverts.
- Sewer system: including M300 concrete pipes with diameter from 300-400 mm and pits. - Wastewater treatment plant: Capacity reaches 3.000m3 / day including 02 plaintiffs, each 1.500m3 / day.
Training School
-Schools, training facilities: Cao Bang Vocational School, centers for supporting employment, vocational training bases. - Security securities: police station of De Tham ward, Police station of De Tham industrial zone, as well as other services of security and guarding. - Hospital: Cao Bang Province General Hospital, Cao Bang city hospital, De Tham IZ’s health care center, De Tham Ward’s health care center... - Worker housing: There is the housing plan for worker in De Tham IZ.
Housing for workers
Other utility
- Cao Bang province is a mountainous province located in priority area for supporting and developing economy. It is also the region with strategic position about politics, military. Province has good conditions and facilities for the development of trading and commercial exchanges domestically and internationally. So far, Cao Bang has proved its potential in attracting investment in production and exploitation by taking advantages of local strengths. - To be the economic exchange area between Northeast Vietnam with China's Guangxi Province, with border of 311km long, 01 international border gate, 02 national border gates and a number of crossings
Land lease price VND 2,760/m2/year
Factory lease price
Management fee
Electricity prices
Water prices
Labor costs
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee
Other expenses
Investment Incentives
Priority Industries Contact info
Manufacturing industry of precision mechanics; electronic industry, information technology; production industry of consumer goods (textiles, footwear, ceramics ...)
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