Binh Vang Industrial Zone

Dao Duc Commune, Vi Xuyen District, Ha Giang Province
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# Start Planning area 254.77 ha Available area for rent 91.06 ha Update 2015-02-04
Location Introduction
Binh Vang Industrial Zone
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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
Located next to No. 2 National Highway connecting Ha Giang province and Tuyen Quang province and other downstream provinces, It is 15km far from Ha Giang to the north, 2km far from Vi Xuyen town. The IZ is also located close to Lo River, which is a huge advantage of irrigation water.
Electrical services
IZ has constructed a 110/35/22 KV substation with a power consumption of about 80 MVA. Lighting system is arranged along the roads.
Gas services
ICT services
IT facilities are provided by telecommunication services companies.
Water service
- Water supply system: A water supply plant with 6000m3 / day capacity will be constructed, which is divided into 2 unitary - The rainwater drainage gullies are arranged along to the roads, rainwater on the road surface flows to the main gully route through the collecting doors.
- Sewerage Drainage: the plants' wastewater after having preliminary treatment will be discharged into the sewerage drainage system of the IZ. - Wastewater treatment plant: the plant with a capacity of 4,412m3 / day, is divided into two phases, of which Phase 1 has the capacity of 2,206m3/day.
Training School
Housing for workers
Other utility
Land lease price VND 202,000 / 1m2 / year
Factory lease price
Management fee
Electricity prices
Water prices
Labor costs
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee
Other expenses
Investment Incentives
Priority Industries Contact info
Mobile: +84-4-37475998