Southwest Phu Ly city Industrial Cluster

Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province
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# Start Planning area 127 ha Available area for rent 127 ha Update 2015-02-03
Location Introduction
Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province
Distance to major cities 58 km from Center of Hanoi
Nearest Seaport 500 m from the Thinh Chau harbor
Nearest Airport 80 km from Noi Bai airport
Nearest railway station

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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
1Km from No. 1A National highway, 2 km from North – South railway, 4km from the North – South National highway; 500 m from the Thinh Chau harbor on Day river (200 ton ships can pass through); 58 km from Center of Hanoi, 80 km from Noi Bai airport; 120 km from Hai Phong harbor; 150 km from Cai Lan – Quang Ninh harbor.
Electrical services
Ensure to provide full and stable power for production need of enterprises. The power system is connected to fence foot of each enterprise
Gas services
ICT services
Telecommunication system reaches the international standard and always is ready to satisfy the demand on informing communication. Two big telecommunication groups: VNPT and Viettel installed the optic fiber cable system with high-speed transmission to the fence foot of each enterprise.
Water service
The water system is connected to the fence foot of each enterprise. The rainwater drainage system and wastewater drainage system (industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater) is constructed separately. Rainwater is collected via the sewer pipe system and discharged out of the river in area. The wastewater is collected to the wastewater treatment plant of IZ .
All of the industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater have to be treated in waste treatment plant until meet the minimum standard of level B (Vietnamese standard-4945-2005) before discharging out of the general drainage system of IZ. The processing capacity reaches: 3,000 m3/ day in phase I and will be raised when necessary. The solid waste from IZ will be classified, collected and transported to the collected area for treatment.
Training School
* Schools and training facilities: The system of college, technical high school, vocational school is very diverse. Excluding vocational schools is managed by districts, Ha Nam province has 10 profession vocational school with the teacher staff of over 500 people and over 10,000 students participated in training each year (Ha Nam pedagogy college, Ha Nam broadcasting college, irrigation technical high school, the wood processing worker school, No. 1 High school of Posts and Telecommunications, Ha Nam medical high school
Housing for workers
* House for employee: Province provide the clearance area for constructing employee house without fee.
Other utility
* Security facilities: The regional police team coordinates with the guarding team of IZ as well as guarding team of each enterprise will assure the security situation for production and business activities. * Hospital facilities: Province has 13 hospitals, 116 CHCs and 266 non-public medical center. * Other facilities: The social house projects, dorm for worker is focused on investment to timely solve the demand on housing for labor. * Logistics and transportation: The network of railway and waterway is synchronously invested and upgraded to meet the needs of transportation, specially for the connection between IZs with the convenient traffic network. * Finance – Bank – Insurance: Ha Nam currently has 12 banks in activity, these bank system is daily developing and meet all the need of bank and finance services for all enterprises, organization, private. * Consultancy – Auditing: consulting and auditing firm system is ready to meet the requirement of enterprise. * Customs: Ha Nam has the IZ management customs branch and is constructing “the inland clearance port and industrial services” in Thanh Liem commune and Duy Tien commune with area of 207 ha will make the convenient condition to solve quickly im-exporting works for Ha Nam enterprises as well as the surrounding provinces. * Tourism – Transportation – accommodation (Hotels, Restaurants): 10 hotels with motel system having above 800 rooms and hundreds of restaurant as well as entertainment centers.
Land lease price USD 32-34/m2/44 years
Factory lease price USD 1.8-2.5/m2/month
Management fee
Electricity prices + For production: VND 1,305/kWh; + For business – services: VND 2,104/kWh; + For daily activities: VND 1,418/kWh
Water prices + For production: VND 9,371 /m3 (before VAT); + For business – services: VND 13,181/m3 (before VAT); + For daily activities: VND 6,229 /m3 (before VAT)
Labor costs + Minimum wage: VND 1,800,000/ month; + Unskilled labor wage: VND 1,926,000 (excluding allowances); + Skilled labor wage: VND 3,811,000; + Manager wage: VND 4,887,000; + Overtime wage: + - Social insurance: 17% (based o
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee VND 5,600 /m3
Other expenses Gas and coal price (at times: October 2013) + Gas price: VND 28,000/kg + Coal price: Powder coal: VND 2,227,000 /ton; Stone coal: VND 3,785,000/ton. House, apartment rental price for foreigners:USD 700/ month for ful
Investment Incentives
Priority Industries Contact info
65 Van Mieu Str., Dong Da Dist.,Hanoi
Mobile: +84-4-37475998