Nomura industrial zone

An Duong, Hai Phong city, Viet Nam
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# Start Planning area 153 ha Available area for rent Update 2015-02-02
Location Introduction
Distance to major cities 90km from Ha Noi , 13km from Hai Phong
Nearest Seaport 90km from Ha Noi , 13km from Hai Phong
Nearest Airport
Nearest railway station 2 km from the nearest station

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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
- Internal road system is 20m - 30m wide, spread asphalt concrete. - external road system: the boundaries of the northern and southern city are constructed according to international standards leading to the port / airport on the outside of Hai Phong
Electrical services
capacity at 50MW
Gas services
ICT services
Water service
Waste water treated in the sewage treatment station via the international IP standards, capacity 5000m3/day
Training School
Housing for workers
Other utility
Available standard factory area for rent.
Land lease price 100 USD/m2
Factory lease price
Management fee 0.4usd/m2/year
Electricity prices
Water prices
Labor costs About 100 - 400USD/person/month
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee
Other expenses
Investment Incentives
In accordance with the Investment in IZ Legislation
Priority Industries Contact info
industries with high technology, electronic technology