Dong Pho Moi Industrial Zone

65 Van Mieu Str., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
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# Start Planning area 100ha Available area for rent 19ha Update 2015-02-06
Location Introduction
Van Hoa, Pho Moi ward, Lao Cai city
Distance to major cities from 4km the center of Lao Cai City
Nearest Seaport
Nearest Airport
Nearest railway station

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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
Dong Pho Moi Industrial Park is located in Pho Moi ward, Lao Cai city and adjacent to Lao Cai international border gate. This is favourable position for developing multi-sectors industrial projects, mainly clean industries, such as mechanical manufacturing, electronic-refrigeration, processing of agricultural and forestry and container of import and export goods
Electrical services
To be equipped 22KV electrical cable system distributed to enterprises’ substation
Gas services
ICT services
investment progress
Water service
To be equipped water supply pipeline system along the roads
Completed construction and putted into operation
Training School
Housing for workers
Other utility
Land lease price People’s Committee of Lao Cai province issued Decision No. 21/2011/QĐ-UBND on 11/8/2011 issued water and land rental prices in the region of Lao Cai province
Factory lease price There’s no workshop rental services in the industrial zone
Management fee
Electricity prices Industrial zones in Lao Cai province are not equipped synchronous power supply system, enterprises contact directly with Lao Cai Electrical Company for the electricity costs
Water prices Industrial zones in Lao Cai province are not equipped synchronous water supply system, enterprises contact directly with Lao Cai clean water business MTV limited liability company for the water costs
Labor costs Minimum of salary: VND 1,400,000
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee VND2,532/m3
Other expenses
Investment Incentives
Investors receive investment incentives subjecting to the Investment Law No. 59/2005/QH11 on 11/29/2005 and Decree No. 108/2006/NĐ-CP on 9/22/2006 of Government with the detailed provisions and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Investment Law
Priority Industries Contact info
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