My Trung Industrial Zone

Wards: My Trung, Loc Ha – Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province
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# Start Planning area 150.68 ha Available area for rent 75.21 ha Update 2015-02-05
Location Introduction
Wards: My Trung, Loc Ha – Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province
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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
- The North adjacent the fields of Thanh Ke village and De Tu village, My Trung ward; - The South adjacent 10 National Road; - The East adjacent residential region of Thanh Ke village, My Trung ward; - The West adjacent residential region of De Tu village, My Trung ward
Electrical services
- Power from electricity plant of Nam Dinh province is connected from the connecting point in My Trung urban zone on the south of National Highway No.10 by underground cable is buried under the gathering road, then go through the available sewer to the point in the southwest of IZ. - Power supply system is medium voltage 22KV line network running in the main roads in IZ.
Gas services
ICT services
The entire area of industrial zone located in the coverage of Nam Dinh post office, telecommunication cables are buried underground the fence foot of enterprises.
Water service
*water supply system: - The water source in the industrial zone is obtained from Nam Dinh city water plant, 3km far from the industrial zone. - Water supply system including water supply pumping station, water supply pipeline system for production, firefighting and living. * water drainage system: - Rainwater drainage system of the industrial zone will be constructed on base of current natural basin and leveling plan of the industrial zone.
Wastewater treatment station has capacity of 3,500m3/day is located in the southeast industrial zone in Lot E6.
Training School
Housing for workers
Other utility
Land lease price
Factory lease price
Management fee
Electricity prices - Normal time : VND 1,339/KWh ; - Off-peak time : VND 854/KWh ; - Peak time : VND 2,421/KWh
Water prices About VND 11,500/ m3
Labor costs - Minimum salary: VND 1,400,000; - Social insurance: According to State regulations; - Health insurance: According to State regulations
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee VND 6,500/m3 (excluding environment protection fee)
Other expenses
Investment Incentives
Priority Industries Contact info
65 Van Mieu Str., Dong Da Dist.,Hanoi
Mobile: +84-4-37475998