Hoang Mai I Industrial Zone

Hoang Mai town
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# Start Planning area 291.86 ha Available area for rent 171 ha Update 2015-02-05
Location Introduction
Hoang Mai town
Distance to major cities
Nearest Seaport
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Infrastructure Cost
Tracfic system
- The North is adjacent to Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province; - The South is adjacent to stone mine of Quynh Thien commune; - The East is adjacent to the inter-communal road of Quynh Loc commune; - The West adjacent No. 1A National Highway.
Electrical services
Taken from the National electrical grid.
Gas services
ICT services
Water service
Obtained raw water from Song Sao lake, 7.8km far from the Industrial zone. Constructing water plant with capacity of 7,500m3/day
Wastewater treatment area zone A is located in south of downstream of Chuoi slit Wastewater treatment area zone B is located in south of downstream of Bai Vung slit
- Finance – Banking – Insurance: There is full of commercial joint-stock banks, fanancial companies in the province
Training School
- Training school and center: Nghe An province has six universities, colleges and vocational schools system... satisfy the labor requirements
Housing for workers
Other utility
Land lease price USD 0.7/m2/year
Factory lease price
Management fee
Electricity prices VND 2,234
Water prices VND 6,000/m3
Labor costs - Minimum wage: VND 1,150,000; - Unskilled labour: VND 2,000,000-VND 4,000,000; - Technical labour: VND 3,000,000-VND 8,000,000; - Management staff: VND 5,000,000-VND10,000,000; - Social insurance: According to State reg
Solid waste disposal fee
Wastewater treatment fee VND 4,500/m3
Other expenses House, apartment rental price for foreigners:About USD 200/month
Investment Incentives
Priority Industries Contact info
65 Van Mieu Str., Dong Da Dist.,Hanoi
Mobile: +84-4-37475998
Email: ipcn@mpi.gov.vn