Value Added Tax

Policies name Value Added Tax
Legislation type Other document
Issue organization Vietnam Government
Field, industry Tax - Cost - Fees

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1. Scope of application:

Regulations on taxable, are not subject to tax, the taxpayer base and tax calculation methods, credit and refund of value added tax

2. Value Added Tax:

Value Added Tax is a tax on the value added of goods and services arising in the course of production, circulation to consumption.

3.Tax rate:

0% tax rate applies to goods and services exports, international transportation of goods and services not subject to value added tax provided for in Article 5 of the Law on Value Added Tax; reinsurance services abroad; credit granting services, transfer funds, derivative financial services; postal services, telecommunications; products are exported resources, mineral extraction unprocessed provisions of Clause 23, Article 5 of the Law on Value Added Tax.

The tax rate of 5% applies to goods and services as follows:

  • Clean water for production and daily life;
  • Fertilizers; ore for the production of fertilizers; drugs, pesticides and growth stimulants animals and plants;
  • Horticultural products, livestock, fisheries unprocessed;
  • Products made of jute, seagrass, bamboo, leaves, straw, coconut shell, coconut, water hyacinth and other craft products produced by material advantage from agriculture; preliminary processing of cotton; newsprint;
  • Equipment, medical instruments; cotton tampons health; drug prevention and treatment; pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical materials used for the production of medicine, preventive medicine;
  • Aids for teaching and learning, which consists of models, drawings, tables, chalk, rulers, compasses and other types of equipment and tools used for teaching, research, science experiments school;

          The tax rate of 10% applies to goods and services not specified in Clause 1 and Clause 2, Article 8 of the Law on Value Added Tax.

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Value Added Tax Law No. 13/2008 / QH12

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