Dcorp R-Keeper aims to bring local F&B up to speed

As Vietnam’s food and beverage sector booms, technology is poised to revolutionise the way restaurant chains operate and interact with customers.



James Duong Nguyen, general director of Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam, talked with VIR’s Van Thu about his thoughts on increasing tech uptake in the industry.


Vietnam has seen an increasing number of restaurant chains in recent years. What is the role of technology in the development of these restaurant chains?


Most people think that the restaurant business is a simple task and doesn’t require a high level of management. That can be true for family-run or small-scale businesses, say one or two outlets. However, once the business system expands to five or more outlets, the owners soon realise that without proper, effective management, it’s like stepping into the darkness.


The use of technology to manage a restaurant helps it become the backbone of the business. Without it, actions will be delayed or flawed, and decisions will be inconsistent, not based on a reliable database. Moreover, the latest technological solutions on the mobile app help with manipulations for sales, ordering, customer interactions, speed, and overall better quality dining experiences.


Could you share some advantages and challenges when expanding operations in Vietnam?


Vietnam is a highly-populated country with a large young generation, which is a major advantage. However, most of the local restaurants are family-run or personally managed, they haven’t realised how significant technology is to ensuring a reasonable budget. At the same time, they’re also hiring low-wage employees, so they are not overly concerned with finding new ways to cut operating expenses and increase labour productivity.


With rising expenses in Vietnam, companies will start to feel the pressure to apply new technologies in order to raise productivity, lower operational costs, and cut food prices. This trend will force food-and-beverage (F&B) companies to make changes that are necessary to compete and survive in the market.


In addition, the younger generation, with more sophisticated demands, will be the target consumers of the F&B market over the next 10 years. If restaurants do not use technology to improve customer experience and services, they might lose customers to more tech-embracing chains.


What are some new features you are developing for the application?


In 2018, we will continue to launch new modules and update the majority of modern devices to the newly introduced “Professional Technology Ecosystem for Restaurants”. Some of the ecosystem’s components include software for ordering on a mobile or tablet device, kitchen management systems, management applications for membership cards, and promotions on mobile devices.


Moreover, we will also integrate with Vietnamese companies, adding specific functions for the user such as provision and management systems for coupons, e-vouchers, e-wallets, and e-payment gateways to complete this sophisticated and convenient technology ecosystem. In addition, we will also develop an omnichannel platform for restaurants, which will narrow the gap in technological application between Vietnam and the world.


What is your plan to secure a greater stronghold in the market?


In 2017, the holding company of Dcorp R-Keeper has invested about $20 million in research and development for our new technology platform: R-Keeper V8. At the same time, we have acquired a number of specialist ancillary technology companies from the European hospitality industry to complement our ecosystem. In addition, a holding company has invested nearly $10 million for expanding the mobile ecosystem that we have recently introduced in Vietnam.


Could you elaborate on Dcorp R-Keeper’s performance after its 10 years of operation in Vietnam?


Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam is a subsidiary of R-Keeper Group specialising in the field of solution systems for restaurant and hospitality management. With nearly 30 years’ experience, Dcorp R-Keeper has a customer base of 90,000 restaurants and chains across the world.


Founded in Vietnam in 2007, Dcorp R-Keeper has so far partnered with 2,000 large restaurant and hotel chains.


We maintain a growth rate of around 50 per cent per year. In 2017, we deployed restaurant management solutions for over 1,000 medium and large restaurants in Vietnam, including hot-growth and expanding companies such as New Pearl (Suon Cay, Mr. Park, Chang Kang Kung), TNC (Fanny, Shalala, Hollys), nearby the top F&B holdings such as Golden Gate (Gogi House, Sumo BBQ, Ashima, Vuvuzela), Red Sun (Thai Express, King BBQ, Khao Lao), and many others.


Moreover, a large number of mid-range chains are working with us to survey and plan changes, upgrading the management and operation solutions to a new standard.


Source VIR