Ha Giang

Location Presentation


- Ha Giang is located in the North pole of Viet Nam. The Northern borders to Van Nam province of China; the southern borders to Tuyen Quang province, the Eastern borders to the Yen Bai and Lao Cai province.


- The distance from Ha Giang to Ha Noi is 318km




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Geographic location:

As a mountainous province, located in the North pole of the country, the north of the province borders Yunnan and Guangxi provinces of China, with the border of up to 274-km long. The south borders Tuyen Quang province, the east borders Cao Bang, and the west borders Yen Bai and Lao Cai. 

Area: 7884.37 Km2.



Ha Giang province's population is 724,537, in which the urban population is 84,338. The ethnic Mong people make up32.0% of the total population of the province, Tay people 23.3%, Dao people 15.1%, Viet people13.3% and Nung people 9.9%.


The situation ofsocio-economic development:

GDPgrowth rate: up by 10.78%. The economic structure is shifted in the right direction (agro-forestry-fishery accounted for 31.98%, industry-construction 29.68%, servicesector 38.4%). The advantages of hydropower, mining, tourism has gradually been effectively exploited.

FDI attraction:

As of 2013, Ha Giang had 8 FDI projects with total registered capital of USD 13.31 million, ranking 61st in the country.


Ha Giang has a rather adequate traffic system. At present, there are asphalt roads leading to centres of every communeof Ha Giang province. Most villages have inte-village concrete roads. Nationa RoadNo.2 is the lifeline which runs from the economic zone of Thanh Thuy border gate to Ha Noi with over 340 kilometers in length. Besides, Ha Giang also has other roads which connect to the provinces in the northern key economic regions of Vietnam. 100 percent of communes have cultural centres, post offices, telecommunications centres, communal clinics and solidly-built two-storey schools.


Potential for development:

- Expansion of the cultivation area of fruit trees, industrial and medicinal plants (pulpwood trees such as Bodhi, Manglietia glauca Dandy (cây mỡ), pine trees; industrial plants such as tea and coffee, etc, and medicinal plants such as Cardamom and gutta-percha).

- Tea cultivation and processing (Ha Giang has old tea areas that are well growing and developing. At present, Ha Giang’s tea is famous in domestic and international market with many well known brands such as Thanh Son, Hung Cuong, Phin Ho, Tan Xa Phin, Tien Nguyen – Quang Binh, etc.)

- Mineral resources:Ha Giang has numerous types of mineral resources with huge reserves. Antimonyconcentrates mostly in Bo Moi -Tham Tieng Mine in Dong Minh and Mau Due communes(Yen Minh district) which are easy for mining and processing. Major minerals include lead, zinc, iron and antimony. There are two big iron mines with huge reserves namely Tung Ba mine ( Vi Xuyen), Sang Than mine (Minh Son- Bac Me) and some other mines in Bang Lang (Quang Binh), Cao Ma Po (Quan Ba), etc.  Besides, limestone reserve is also abundant for producing cement and building materials. Ha Giang has planned and initially well exploited these resources.



In order to exploit the strength and potential of the province in the coming years, the province focuses on the following issues:

- Encouraging investment in the economic zone of Thanh Thuy border gate for which the province announced plannings for 7 functional parks and completed the construction of infrastructure to attract investors;

- Will announce planning for the global geopark Dong Van stone plateau with 4 functional areas, and fulfill plannings of tourism development in the province.

- Exploiting the province’s strengths (mining, mineral processing and metallurgy) byspeeding up the implementation of projects to continuously improve productivity and quality of the ore-sifting lines(iron ore, zinc, manganese, antimony, tin-tungsten) to increase product value and the proportion of mining industry; exploitation of mineral resources in association with deep processing to produce final productsright in the province area.

- For Hydropower industry:

+ Continuing to review, suplement, adjust the planning of a number of projects to fully exploit the energy created by the natural flows of rives to create electrical power.

- For Agro-forestry products and food processing:

+ Tea: New cultivation area will be 800 hectares to increase the total tea area of tea plantingto 19,700 hectares by 2012, in which there are over 15,300 hectares of tea for trading purpose. Intensive tea cultivation zones will be established in association with export tea processing facilities inBac Quang district, Vi Xuyen, Hoang Su Phi, Quang Binh. Cultivation zones of the province’s typical special tea will also be developed in such districts as Ngam La, Lung Phin and some other places.

- Make plannings for materials zones for agro-forestry products and food processing on suitable scale and with appropriate technology, such as: orange, cardamom, soybean, etc.

- Encourage investment environment-friendly industries, such as: artificial board (MDF board, plywood bar, plywood, flooring board, industrial particle);

-Encourage the industries of mining, building materials processing by making plannings for mining and building materials production areas.


Economic zones and industrial parks in the province:

Binh Vang Industrial park:

 -Area: 142.94 hectares;

- Approvedinvestment capital: VND330billion.

- All investment projects in Binh Vang IP are now under construction process, of which 3 projects have been put into operation and gained good results, namely: The motorcycle and car driving training Centre; Unbaked brick factory (technology: "land petrified"; and Ferro manganese Plant invested by Ban MaiCo. Ltd.

- In 2013, there were two projects put into operation in Binh Vang IP:the Ferro manganese and Silico manganese Plant invested by Viet Bac JSC with capacity of 40,000tons/year;the FineOrePellet Plant with capacity of300,000tonnes/year invested by An Thong Minerals Investment JSC(of Hoa Phat Group) has completedover 95% of the volume of construction work.

Thanh Thuy-Border-Gate Economic Zone (EZ):

Thanh Thuy EZ sharesa 26km-long border linewith Chau Van Son district (Yunnan province-China) to the north. With a total area of 28,781 hectares, Thanh Thuy EZ is intended for multisectors such as trade and services, agriculture and forestry, industry, to form a region for investment attraction and international integration. This is also the gateway to international trade, the important passing connecting Yunnan Province (China) with the North (Vietnam) and the East Sea corridor, between the ASEAN countries and the countries of North Eastern Asia.

Preferential investment policies:

Investmentpolicies applicable in Ha Giang provinceare pursuant to the Law on Investment 2005, Decree No. 108/2006/ND-CP dated September 22, 2006 by the Government of Vietnam and Resolution No.47/2012/NQ-HĐND dated July 14, 2012 by Ha Giang People's Councilas follows:

In Thanh Thuy  border-gate economic zone:

- Support of up to 50% of business premises rental for organizations and individuals trading high-quality made-in-Vietnam goods or locally-made products and have leasing-term of at least one year time.

- The support is offerd to 01 stall or 01 shop area (not exceeding 18m2) for the actual leasing periodbut not exceeding 2 years from  the contract signing date.

In other border gates:

a, Individuals and organizations are supported with 30%  of the loan interest rate to build  kiosks and houses. The  time of support starts from the beginning to the completion of projects (maximum 24 months). The loan size elligible for interest rate support does not exceed 500 million VND.

b, Individuals and organizations that are in  needs of fixed house renting (1 year mimimum)  are supported with 20% of house and bussiness premises retal. The supported area is not over 18m2.  The supporting time is based on the actual renting time but no longer than 2 years from the contract signing date.

c. Individuals and organizations that trade high-quality made-in-Vietnam goods or locally-made products and have demand of renting fixed houses or stalls for one year at least will be supported with 70% of the rental fee. The supported area should not exceed 18 m2. The supporting time is based on real renting time but not longer than 3 years from contract signing date.


Projectscalling for investment:

- Yellow cows (Bò Vàng - cows in the highland) husbandry and yellow beef processing; expected scale: cow husbandry in 19 communes of Dong Van district.

- Cultivation of yellow crocuswhich are available in the local area, contributing to the agricultural economy; expected scale: 3,361 hectares, in 03 communes of  Niem Son, Niem Tongand Khau Vai of Meo Vac district.

- Cultivation of Shan Tuyet LungPhinteatrees; expectedscale: 303hectares, in04communes: LungPhin, Vần Chải, Sủng Trái, Hố QuảngPhin(DongVandistrict).

- Cold water fish aquaculture(salmon, sturgeon); expectedscale:0.5hectare,in Nấm Dẩn commune(Xin Mandistrict).

- Contruction of high-standard hotels and trading plaza; expected size: 0.3 hectare, in Dong Van Town (Dong Van district).

- Construction of a Thermal Power Plant in Thanh Son commune(Vi Xuyen district).

- Development of Culture-Historytourismcentre in Dong Van Town(DongVandistrict); expected area:85hectares.




No  Project  Location  Scale (ha)  Investment  Form of investment  Contact 
1 Construction of wood processing plant Nam Quang Industrial Park - Bac Quang District 4,5 35 billion dong Direct investment Ha Giang Investment Consultants & Promotion Center
Tran Quoc Toan Str, Nguyen Trai Ward, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province
Tel: 0219.3867223
Fax: 02193.867623
2 Construction of processing plant for fodder Nam Quang Industrial Park - Bac Quang District 3 30 billion dong Direct investment
3 Development project for Sanh orange tree of Ha Giang Bac Quang Province 900 90 billion dong Direct investment
4 Construction of processing plant for exporting knitted rattan and bamboo Dao Duc Commune - Vi Xuyen District 2,6 27 billion dong Direct investment
5 Construction of plant for processing agricultural - forestry products Hoang Su Phi District 4 179 billion dong Direct investment
6 Construction of waste treatment plant Ha Giang City 14 6 million USD BOT
7 Construction of Conference Center of Ha Giang Province Phuong Thien Commune - Ha Giang City 1 120 billion đông BOT
8 Construction of houses with gardens and villas in low-hill area among Huu Nghi Avenue and 19/5 Str, National Highway No.2 Ha Giang City 400 300 million USD Direct investment
9 Construction of the Shopping Center in Bac Quang District Viet Quang Town - Bac Quang District 1,05 11,5 billion dong Direct investment
10 Construction of the Urban area in the South of Dong Van Town Dong Van Town - Dong Van District     Direct investment
11 Construction of water supply plant in Binh Vang Industrial Park Binh Vang Industrial Park - Vi Xuyen District   17 billion dong Direct investment Office for Planning and Investment Management - Management unit of industrial parks of Ha Giang Province   Tel: 02193.860.576
12 Construction of eco-spirital tourism site in Mo Neo mountainous area Ha Giang City 5 15 billion Direct investment Ha Giang Investment Consultants & Promotion Center
Tran Quoc Toan Str, Nguyen Trai Ward, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province
Tel: 0219.3867223
Fax: 02193.867623
13 Construction of Tay Con Linh Ecotourism site Vi Xuyen District 30 50 billion Direct investment
14 Construction of plant for bottled mineral water and Quang Ngai Mineral Spring Resort Vi Xuyen District 5 150 billion dong Direct investment
15 Construction of Hydropower - Irrigation system, supplying water for Che La Commune and Nam Dan Commune Xin Man District 30 1.200 billion dong Direct investment
16 Construction of manufacturing plant for cast iron and billet with the capacity of 500 thousand tons/year Binh Vang Industrial Park - Vi Xuyen District 50 6.000 billion dong Direct investment Office for Planning and Investment Management - Management unit of industrial parks of Ha Giang Province   Tel: 02193.860.576


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