Phu Tho

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Phu Tho is a province in mountainous middle area of North Viet Nam, the administrative boundary of the province is adjacent to Tuyen Quang and Hoa Binh Provinces.




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Geographic location:

Phu Tho is a mountainous midland province in the North of Vietnam, located in the center of the area, plays as the northwest gate of Ha Noi capital, is a part of economic corridor Hai Phong - Ha Noi - Kunming (R.O. China), as a bridge between The Northwest area, Hanoi capital and the provinces of Northern delta.


Area: 3,528                        



1.4 million with 800,000 people (60% of population) in working age.


Soci-economic situation:

- GDP growth rate: 5.8%; GDP scale (real price):VND27,320 billion; GDP per capita: VND20.4 million; export value: USD531 million, increases 11.1%; Economic structure: Argro – forestry and aquaculture sector: 27.3%; industry – contruction sector: 41.3%; service sector: 31.4%; proportion of of poor households: 14.12%. The number of employees: 21,200; labour export: 2,500 people.


FDI attraction:

As of year 2013, Phu Tho province had 85 FDI projects with total registered capital of USD463.75 million, ranking 38th in the country in terms of registered capital. In 2013 only, the province granted new investment to 06 projects with total registered capital of USD10.75 million. However, in 2013 there was 01 FDI project that had reduction capital of USD1.9 million. So, in year 2013, the province attracted USD8.85 million of FDI capital, ranking 42nd in the country.


Infrastructure system:

Transport system: Transport system is convienient for roads, railway and waterway. There is national road No 2, national road No 32, national road No 70, railway route Hai Phong – Hanoi – Lao Cai which is expanding to becomean international route. The Noi Bai – Phu Tho – Lao Cai Highway, the Trans-Asia and Ho Chi Minh Highways have just started construction. Waterway system consists of Viet Tri port ( Hong river, Lo river), Yen Mao port (Song Da), Bai Bang port (Lo river) for ships sailing to Hanoi and Hai Phong port.

Electicity system: National electricity network covers all districts, communes in the province to meet production demand. 

Water supply system: Cities, commune, town had water plants with total capacity of above 108,000 m3/ day/ night, to satisfy demand for production and consumption.

Service: Post and telecomunication, transport, finance, banking, healthcare, insurance, entertainment services are very convenient.

Education: Phu Tho has 2 local universities, 34 colleges, professional schools, vocational schools and training centres. Vocational training is linkedwith employment, labour export and meet high labour demand of enterprises. There are about 800,000 people in the working age and the number of trained workforce accounts for 42%.

Healthcare: Viet Tri general hospital is the satellite hospital of the Central Healthcare system in the North Vietnam.Besides, there are other district hospitals to meet the healthcare needs of people in the province and in the region.


Potential for development:

Industrial sector potential:

Phu Tho, with the role of an industrial centre of the region, has made plannings for 09 IPs and 21 industrial clusters in the province. The policy promotes industrial development in the form of clusters, product groups to create effective and large scale industrial combination; to promote actively high tech zone building investment; to allocate industry reasonably in the territory, to guarantee effective and balance development between regions to implement industrialisation and modernisation in 2020. Phu Tho is applying incentive mechanism for domestic and foreign investors to exploit potentials as well as strength of the province in the field of industry; this is advantages, priority to develop industry with combination between tradional industries and new industries, supporting industries, high technology…


Tourism and service:

In addition to Hung temple historical relic,the origin land of the nation with Viet Tri being a cultural, economical and political centre and a festival city, Phu Tho also has diverse terrain: rugged mountains, midland hills inclose proximity, fertile plain suitable for development of various types of tourism such as: leisure tourism, health tourism, eco-tourism, relion tourism in natural tourist attractions. 


Investmentattraction orientations:

Phu Tho welcomes all sustainable investment projects, except for the fields prohibited by legal regulations. Priority order of investment fields is as follows:

- Investment in infrastructure of industrial zones and industrial clusters.

- Investment in high technology and modern technique fields; Software production of all kind; Electricity and Electronics manufacturing and assembling, chemicals and medicines.

- Motorbikes, automobiles, mechanical manufacturing.

- Investment in tourism and services. Exploitation of tourism potentials

- Investment in properties

- Investment in processing and strengthening quality of key exporting argricultural products.

Phu Tho province encourages investors to implement investment under various forms of BOT, BT, 100% FDI, BOT …


Economic zones and industrial parks in the province:

Thuy Van IP:

- Area: 306 ha;

- Location: in thenorthof Viet Tri city, 1 km away from national road No 2 (Hanoi/Noi Bai – Phu Tho), nearly 2km away from Trans-Asia highway, 7 km way from Viet Tri port, 50 km from Noi Bai international airport. Land occupancy percentage: 80%; land rent is from USD 0.35 – 0.4/ m2/year


Trung Ha IP:

- Area: 200 ha;

- Location: in Tam Nong district, near Trung Ha Bridge and adjacent to national road No 32A (which will be Ho Chi Minh Highway in the future), 60 km away from Hanoi, 90 km away from Noi Bai airport, 210 km away from Hai Phong port and 35 km from Hoa Lac high technology zone. At present, land occupancy percentage is about 30%, land rent is from USD 0.3 – 0.35/m2/year.


Phu Ninh IP: Total planned area: 100 – 120 ha;

- Location: 10 km from Viet Tri city to the north; near national road No 2, Trans-Asia road, Dong Lang industrial cluster, near Bai Bang port, have convienient transportation accessincluding both waterway and roadways. Detail planning of the IP was approved and investors are now called for infrastructure development. 


Phu Ha urban service industrial park (in Phu Tho commune):

- Total planned area: 600 ha;

-  Location: in Phu Loc and Ha Thach communes, Phu Tho town; 30 km away from Viet Tri city, 110 km from Hanoi, 230 km from Hai Phong, 80 km from Noi Bai international aiport, near national road No 2, adjacent to Trans-Asia Highway, near railway station, near Red River. At present, it is approved for the detail planning and calling for investors to invest in infrastructure. 


Tam Nong industrial park, Tam Nong district:

- Planned area: 350 ha;

- Location:in thewest of Phu Tho province; 30 km away from Viet Tri city, 3 km from Phong Chau bridge, 100 km from Hanoi alongNational Road 32 C which connects Hanoi and provinces of the Northeast region; 01 km from Ho Chi Minh Highway. At present, it is approved for the detail planning and calling for investors to invest in infrastructure. 


Cam Khe IP – Cam Khe district:

- Planned area: 450 ha;

- Location: Cap Dan, Xuong Thinh, Huong Lung and Son Tinh communes, Cam Khe district; 40 km from Viet Tri city; located near the Trans-Asia Highway, 5 km from conjunction of Trans-Asia route, near Red River and the planned railway; convenient for waterway and roadways.


Ha Hoa IP:

- Plannedarea: 400 ha;

- Location: in Xuan Ang Lam Loi and Quan Khe communes, Ha Hoa district; 60 km from Viet Tri to the north, near the TransAsia Highway, the Red river, the Hanoi – Lao Cai  railway; convenience for waterway and roadway.


Projects calling for investment

- Construction of infrastructure of Tam Nong Industrial Zone

- Construction of Phu Ha Industrial Zone

- Construction of infrastructure of Phu Ninh Industrial Zone

- Construction of infrastructure of Trung Ha Industrial Zone (Stage II)

- Construction of Dong Quang bridge

- Automobiles, motorbikes and spare parts manufacturing factory

- Mobile, computer, electrical equipment and component manufacturing factory.

- Projects for manufacturing new technology materials.

- Factories in accessories industry.

- Investment for Ao Chau lagoon resort

- Investment for service-works at Van Lang Park, Viet Tri city

- Projects for production of food trees, fruit trees and industrial trees using high technology;

- Projects for processing factory of argriculture and forestry products with high technology.

- Projects for high quality aquaculture and animals breeding.

- Projects for plywood factory

- Project for investment of an industrial waste treatment factory in Tram Than district.

- Project for investment of waste water treatment factory in Thuy Van industrial park.

- Project for investment of factoryin Trung Ha industrial park.

- Project for investment of waste water treatment andgarbage treatment factory in Phu Tho town.

- Projects for investment of high quality vocational training centre.




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