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Thai Nguyen is not only a political, economic center of Viet Bac region but also of the Vietnam Northeastern mountainous, midland area; Thai Nguyen is the gateway for socio-economic exchange with the Red river delta; It borders Bac Kan Province to the North and Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang Province to the West and is adjacent to the East to Lang Son, Bac Giang Province and just 80Km far away from the capital of Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Geographical location:

Thai Nguyen is not only a political, economic center of Viet Bac region but also of the Vietnam Northeastern mountainous, midland area; Thai Nguyen is the gateway for socio-economic exchange with the Red river delta; It borders Bac Kan Province to the North and Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang Province to the West and is adjacent to the East to Lang Son, Bac Giang Province and just 80Km far away from the capital of Hanoi, Vietnam.


Area: 3,500 km2.


Population: ~1.2 million.


Socio - economic situation:


GDP growth: In 2013, the economic growth rate of the province (GDP) reached 6.7%. The value of industrial production reached VND30,880 billion, made an increase of 5.7% over the same period. GDP per capita reached VND48 million/year. Total budget revenue was VND1,067 billion.


The export-import and commercial situation: the export value reaches USD173 million, an increase of 26.4% compared with the same period. The import value reaches USD164 million.


FDI attraction: 

As of 2013, Thai Nguyen province attracted 50 investment projects with total investment capital of USD3,548.83 million, of which, newly-registered capital was USD3,381.10 million and increased capital was USD19.31 million. In sum up, in 2013 total new and increased FDI registered capital of the province was USD3,400 million, making the province rank the first in the country with the number of new projects was 18 and the number of growth capital projects was 02. The big project from Samsung  project (Korea) with the capital of more than USD3 billion in Yen Binh Industrial zone.


Infrastructure system:

Roadways: Thai Nguyen has the total length of 2,753 km road, of which highways: 183 km, provincial roads: 105.5 km, district roads: 659 km, communal roads: 1,764 km. Highway and provincial roads are all bituminized.


Waterways: Thai Nguyen has 2 main river routes: Da Phuc – Hai Phong route, which is 161 km in length, and Da Phuc - Hon Gai route, which is 211 km in length.

In the future, Da Phuc port will be upgraded, expanded and mechanize the loading and unloading to assure the loading capacity of 1,000 tons of cargo per day. In addition, Thai Nguyen’s 2 main rivers (Cau River and Cong River) will be upgraded to transport goods.


Railways: The railroads from Thai Nguyen to other provinces are very convenient for passengers and commodity transportation.

- The Quan Trieu – Hong Mountain railway route connects Thai Nguyen to Hanoi;

- The Luu Xa – Khuc Rong route links with Quan Trieu – Hanoi route, and connects Thai Nguyen with Bac Ninh province (to Kep Station) and Quang Ninh province.

- Quan Trieu – Nui Hong route is very convenient for the transportation of minerals.


Electricity supply: Being a part of the National Grid in the North, Thai Nguyen has a relatively completed electricity grid. All the districts join the national Grid, in which the Thai Nguyen city, Song Cong townshipand other districts already satisfy the need for electricity for living and production.


Water supply:

- Thai Nguyen city and Song Cong township now have water plant with a capacity of 30,000 m3/day, ensuring demand of water in terms of quality as well as quantity for the whole city and township.

- The water supply system in districts and communes are now under construction.


Telecommunications network: Thai Nguyen province has a telecommunications system connected to national and international network, with stable transmission line created by microwave devices and an electronic digital stored program controller, which now has 27,000 digits (number) and 18,000 subscribers.


Potential for development:

Minerals: Thai Nguyen province has rich and plentiful types of mineral resources, which can be considered a major comparative advantage in the development of the metallurgical industry, mining ... Thai Nguyen province has the second largest coal reserves in Vietnam, with bitum reserve of over 15 million tons, coal reserves of about 90 million tons, and so many types of color metal such as tin, lead, zinc, tungsten, gold, copper, nickel, mercury... Mineral for construction materials are also huge potential for producing cement, paving stones and various kinds of building materials...


Water resources: Thai Nguyen has two important rivers namely Cau river, and Cong river, which greatly influence the hydrological system there.


Land resources: Natural forest area of the province: 102,190 hectares; planted forest area: 44,450 ha. This is a tremendous advantage for the development of forestry to serve artificial wood processing, pulp processing for making paper.

The arable land in the province accounts for 23% of the natural land area, with tea as the mainly annual plant. In addition to food crops, the province has a relatively large area of grassland and pasture for cattle thriving and dairy farming.


Tourism: There are many tourist attractions in the province, including the beautiful landscape such as Nui Coc Lake, Phoenix Cave, and historical attractions such as the North Vietnamese Safety zones - ATK, Khuong Manh forest and the archaeological ruins of the Paleolithic time in Vo Nhai district. Besides, there are ancient architectural monuments: temples, pagodas, temples in many localities in the province such as the museums of culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, Duom temple, Hang Pagoda, Phu Lien Pagoda, Xuong Rong Temple, Doi Can temple… At present, Thai Nguyen province’s authority is planning a tourism complex of Phoenix Cave, Mo Ga Stream, Cold Spring Lake ... and the whole system of high quality hotels of international standards.


Potential for tea production: Currently, Thai Nguyen has the second largest area in the country for tea cultivation.Tea production is carried out in all of the nine (09) districts and city of the province with the biggest capacity being produced in which Thai Nguyen city, Dai Tu district, Phu Luong District, Dong Hy district due tothe richness of soil, water, favourable weather and climate.

Thank to the acceleration of the application of science and technology, constantly investment in intensive farming, in the past few years, the area, productivity, quality and value of Thai Nguyen tea keeps growing. By end of 2012, the tea cultivation area in the provincewas about 18,600 hectares.



Education and Training: Thai Nguyen is known nationwide as the third biggest center for human resources training after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city with 6 universities, 11 colleges and schools, 9 vocational training schools, training approximately 100,000 employees each year;


Health care: Thai Nguyen is also a health care center of the Northeast with Thai Nguyen National General Hospital, 9 Provincial Hospitals and 14 District Medical Centers.


Investment Attraction orientation: Encouraged investment sectors:

- Investment in infrastructure development of industrial parks, construction of commercial service centers, supermarkets, restaurants, luxury hotels;

- Investment in metallurgical manufacturing and steel production and steel products, steel fabrication, steel sheets, steel sheets, steel pipes;… investment in production industry, exports of consumer goods, accessory for bikes, electricity, electronics devices, garments, agro-forestry products;

- Investment in the construction of eco-tourism zones, resorts, sports complex, entertainment parks, cooperation with tourism companies, passenger transportation companies;

- Investing in universities, vocational schools, medical clinics, hospitals to meet international standards;

- Application of high technology, new technology that has not been used in Vietnam; biotechnology applications; pollution treatment and environmental protection; manufacture of equipment for pollution treatment and appliance for monitoring and analyzing environment.

- Collection and treatment of wastewater, waste gas, solid waste; recycling and reusing waste.

- Some priority projects in the field of agriculture development with high technology application on tea production: project on making plannings for the Thai Nguyen tea material zone till 2020; building VietGAP model; investment in building infrastructure for safe tea production areas; investment in safe tea processing technology lines; project on raising the quality of Thai Nguyen tea products; project for promoting Thai Nguyen tea products brand name.


Provincial incentive policies:

Apart from preferential policies and investment support in accordance with the Investment Law, Business Law, Cooperatives Law, Land Law, Income Tax for enterprises Law, Law on Export Tax and Import Tax... and provisions of other relevant laws as well as international practices when implementing investment activities in the Thai Nguyen, investors also enjoy the encouragement and support of the province relating to such issues as: land withdraw, land granting. land lease for investment, infrastructure construction outside the projects’ fence, consultancy on administrative procedures, investment and trade promotion, preferential policies on land rent and land rent exemption; support on vocational training, support on transfer and application of technology, encouragement on the development of services to support investment and investment development ...


Economic zones and industrial parks in the province:

Song Cong 1 industrial park:

Area:  220 ha


Location: Bach Quang Ward, Song Cong township, Thai Nguyen province

Located near the National highway #3; 2.5km away from Hanoi-Thai Nguyen Highway, 500m from Luong Son railway station, 18km far from Da Phuc port, 40km far from the international airpot Noi Bai, Hanoi, 200 Km from Hai Phong and 30 Km from National Highway 18


Infrastructure: All the infrastructure facilities such as power supply, water supply, roads, telecommunications... in Song Cong 1 Industrial Park have been constructed and ready to serve the investment projects.


Industries/sectors calling for investment:

- electricity, electronics

- automobilemanufacturing and assembly

- Software Industry

- Mechanical engineering, metallurgy

- Other industries that require modern techniques


Song Cong 2 industrialpark:

Total Area:  250 hectares

Location: This Industrial Zone with an area of 180 hectares (Phase I) is located to the west of National Highway 3, in the administrative boundaries of Tan My 1 and Tan My 2, Bai Lai, La Chuong of Tan Quang commune in Song Cong township. It is very close to the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen Highway, 20 Km from Thai Nguyen city, 65 Km far from Hanoi capital,  about 2 Km far from the Song Cong 1 Industrial Park, 30 Km from Noi Bai airport, and 17 Km from Da Phuc port.


Infrastructure: All the infrastructure facilities such as power supply, water supply, traffic roads, communications ... in Song Cong 2 Industrial Park  has been invested quite completely, ready to serve investment projects.


Industries/sectors calling for investment: 

- automobile parts manufacture, automobile assembly.

- mechanical engineering, manufacturing, electronic

- Food processing,

- pharmaceutical, medical equipment.

- construction material manufacture...


Diem Thuy Industrial Park:

Total Area:  250 hectares


Location: Located on highway Hanoi - Thai Nguyen (National Highway 3), next to the railway Hanoi - Quan Trieu, Luu Xa, Kep, Dong Trieu, linked with the Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel area



Technical infrastructure: roads, electrical systems, water supply, treatment system for water and waste have been constructedin accordance with industrial park standards

Social infrastructure: The financial system has headquarters, bank branchessuch as VCB, VBA, ACB; The education centers ( 6 universities : University of Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel, Synthesis, Industrial Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry, Economics, EducationAnd 16 colleges, high schools); apartments for workers;


Industries/sectors calling for investment:

Diesel, spareparts, agricultural processing, construction materials, textile,electronics ...


Quyet Thang Industrial park:

Total Area: 200 hectares


Location:in Quyet Thang commune, Thai Nguyen city; 5km away from center of Thai Nguyen city.


Industries/sectors calling for investment:  electric & electronics appliance, information technology, technology nursery gardens, high-tech industries, software technology


Infrastructure:detailed plannings in being made.


Yen Binh Industrial park:

Total area: 200 hetares.


Location: in 2 districts of Phu Binh and Pho Yen.

Convenient traffic system: The IP is 20km from Thai Nguyen city, 25km from Noi Bai international airport to the southwest, and 50km from center of Hanoi capital; adjacent to highway Hanoi – Thai Nguyen.


Industries/sectors calling for investment:Green andhigh-tech industries such as: Electrical appliance, communication equipment, precise engineering, automobile industry, software industry v.v...


South Pho Yen industrial park:

Total area: 200 hetares.


Location: in Pho Yen commune, along to the national highway 3, adjacent to Soc Son district (Hanoi city), 25km from Noi Bai international airport.


Industries/sectors calling for investment: Cars assembly; mechanical; electronics; food processing; beverages; cattle and poultry slaughter, processing fast food, pharmaceutical chemicals, medical instruments, textiles, leather and footwear , arts and crafts, gas filling, concrete structures, construction material production.


Infrastructure: South Pho Yen Industrial Zone is divided into 3 zones: Zone A, B, C. Currently, Zone A has not been invested in infrastructure.


Provincial projects calling for investment:

I. Service and tourism sector:

1. Investment projects in waterway system, dock, Nui Coc Lake bathing beach

2. Construction of hanging cable system across Nui Coc Lake

3. Construction of Horse Racing Course in Tan Cuong (Thai Nguyen)

4. Construction of Resort at Cold Stream Lake in Pho Yen commune

5. Construction of Resort at Phuong Hoang cave – Mo Ga stream resort

6. Construction of a 7-storey waterfall resort in  Khuan Tat – Dinh Hoa.

7. Construction of service-trade centre of Thai Nguyen

8. Improvement and upgrading of Thai Nguyen market 


II. Sector of Agriculture, forestry and food processing

1. Project of fruit processing and preservation

2. Project of reforestation and high value forest product processing

3. Project of growing, processing bamboo shoot  for export

4. Projects of growing, breeding mulberry and processing silkworm

5. The project of upgrading fish hatcheries of Hoa Son-Phu Binh

6. Project of processing chicken for exporting

7. The project for building plant of the cattle and poultry processing


III. Industrial sector

1. Manufacturing fabricated steel and alloy steel 

2. Constructing plant for steel plate and steel strip manufacturing

3. Project for automobile spare-part manufacture

4. Project for automobile plastic details manufacture

5. diesel engine types manufacture

6. Project for bearings Production

7. Project for electricequipment Production

8. Project for textile mechanism equipment production

9. Project for machinery, agricultural equipment production 

10. Project for hydro machine production

11. Project for image tube and computer monitor production

12. Project for computer component production

13. Project of production eco roofing from organic fibers

14. Project for cotton, fiberglass, alkali-resistant roofing production

15. Annealing color industry

16. Production of kaolin

17. Mining and production of paving stones

18. Production of cement packaging paper

19. Production of  high-quality beer

20. Manufacture of Interior furniture

21.  Sport shoes manufacture for export

22. Textile  products for export


IV. Construction project

1. Project for Song Cong 2 IZ investment and development

2. Project for sewage treatment system in Song cong 2 IZ

3. Project for construction of hostels for workers

4. Project for construction of offices for lease

5. Project for small IZ South Pho Yen development and construction

6. Project for small IZ Son Cam (Phu Luong district) development and construction




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