Hai Duong

Location Presentation


- Hai Duong is located in the Northern focal economic area.


- It is 57km away from Ha Noi, 45km away from Hai Phong and 100km away from Quang Ninh. Hai Duong is in the overall planning of Ha Noi capital as one of five satellite cities.




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- Forest resource: The province has total of 9,147ha, the proportion of coverage is 5.9%. Therein, the area of natural forest is 3,104 ha; the area of cultivated forest is 6,043 ha.


- Mineral forest:


Geographical location:

HaiDuong is one of 7 provinces of the northern key economic area, bordering Hai Phong City to the East, Hung Yen to the West, Thai Binh to the South, Bac Giang to the North.


Population: Population: 1,703,492. Average density: 1,044.26 people/km2. Urban population: 324,930 people. Rural population: 1,378,562 people;

Socio-economic situation:

GDP increased by 10.5%; production value of agriculture, forestry and fisheries increased by 3.9%, industrial production and construction value was up by13%. The production value of the service sector increased by13.5%.

FDI attraction:

As of 2013, Hai Duong had 290 foreign investment projects with total registered capital of USD 6,124 millions, ranking 10th in the country. In 2013, Hai Duong issued new investment certificates for 20 projects with total newly registered capital of USD 620.6 millions. There were two capital growth projects with newly registered capital of USD 61.96 millions. So, in 2013, the province attracted USD 628.56 million of FDI, ranking 11th and making up 3.2% of the whole country’s FDI capital.

Infrastructure systems:

Hai Duong has a quite good infrastructure system, creating favorable conditions for social economic development.

- Transport system: comprises roads, water ways, railways; reasonably distributed and convenient to travel to other provinces.

- Road network: There are4Highway routes running through the provinceon a length of 99km. These routes are of grade I andhave 04 lanes.

- Railway: The Ha Noi-Hai Phong railway runs parallel with Highway 5, transporting goods and passengers through 7 stations inthe province. The dualline in Bai Chay runs through Chi Linh district. It is also the road that transports the production of agriculture and forestry in the northern mountainou sprovinces abroad via Cai Lan port, as well as import goods and coal for the whole province.

- Waterways: There are 400kilometers ofriverway for vessels of up to 500MTS. Cong Cauriverport has capacity of 300,000 tonnes/year and the wharf network can meet the requirements of river transportation.

Potential for development:

Agriculture: Hai Duong is divided into two regions: the hilly and the plain regions. The hilly region is located in the north of the province, accounting for 11% of the natural area including13 communes of Chi Linh district and 18 communes of Kinh Mon district. This region comprises low hills and is suitable for the cultivation of fruit trees, timber trees and short-term industrial trees. The plain regionaccounts for 89% of the remaining natural area due to these diment from Thai Binh river which makes the soilfertile, suitable fora variety of crops and multiple crops in a year.

Industry: Hai Duong has planned 10 industrial parks with a total area of 2,719 ha. With clear policiesand incentives for investors, an advantageous position, Hai Duong has attracted many investors into its industrial parks. So far, Hai Duong has attracted 350.2million USDo f FDI, including 37new investment projects, up by 39.2%. Estimated implemented capital is 300 million USD.

Tourism: Hai Duong is enriched with historical, cultural andscenic relics. In spite of devastating war, natural disasters, Hai Duong still keeps thousands of valuable relics since the province has a good tradition to preserve its identity, cultural and historical heritage, and thanks to the local Government’s attention. This is a valuable asset, the basis of history, the soul and the pride of the local people.

Investment attraction orientation:

- Shifting the economy towards the direction of increasingthe proportion of industry, small scale industry, constructionandservice,high-value agricultural products with prestigious brand names.

- Forming intensive cultivation areas forhighquality rice, safe vegetables; expansion of areas forlivestock farming and aquaculture.

- Development of South Hung Yen and Hung Tay IPs; priority is offered to projects that cause little pollution and use small agricultural land area, such as: hi-technology, food and agricultural processing, un-baked bricks production.

- Developmentt of rural market network; banking and insurance services; resorts and eco-tourism complexes to attract tourists from Vinh city and the surrounding areas.

Economic zones and industrial parks in the province:

Dai An Industrial Park:    

Location: Dai An Industrial Zone islocatedon the side of Highway 5 at Km46 (to the South), belonging to Hai Duong city and Cam Giang district;53 km from Hanoi, 52km from Hai Phong.

Area: 18.97ha. To the East of the IP is Dai Anresidential areaof HaiDuong province.

Main industries in the IP: Mechanical assembly, parts manufacturing, consumer goodsproduction, handicraftgoods, textile industry, food andagriculturalprocessing.

Infrastructure systems:

- The main roads of the industrial park, which connect withHighway #5, are 55m wide (surface: 11.25 m x 2 lanes;road median: 2m in width, pavement: 6.5m x 2) and 27m (surface: 7.5 m x; road median: 2m in width; pavement: 5 mx 2). Distributor routes: 27m, 20.5 m, 16.5 m and 15.5 m.

- Electricity: supplied from the Dai An power station:110kV.

- Water: supplied from Viet Hoa Factory.

- Waste water treament plant with capacity of 2,000m3­/day and night.

Tan Truong IP:

Location: Tan Truong Industrial Park is located adjacent to Highway 5 at Km 41 (to the South), belonging to TanTruong commune and Cam Dong commune, Cam Giang district; 46 km from Hanoi, 59 km from Hai Phong.

Area: 198.06ha. Bordering the Industrial Park to the West is a residential–service area of 31.68 ha.

The IP is intended for followingindustries: mechanical assembly, consumer goods production, handicraft goods, textile industry, food and agricultural processing, electric-electronicsand ware housing business. Investment projects in this IP are required to useadvanced technology and ensure environmental protection.


- The main road of the industrial park, which connects with Highway #5, is 36m wide (surface: 10.5 m x 2 lanes; road median: 3m in width, pavement: 6.0m x 2). Distributor routes: 30m (surface: 7.5 m x; road median: 3m in width; pavement: 6 m x 2); 25m (surface: 10.5 m x; pavement: 5 m x 2); and 20.5m (surface: 10.5 m x; pavement: 7.25 m x 2);

- Electricity: supplied by Hai Duong Electricity Company.

- Water: supplied by Hai Duong Water Business Company.

- Waste water treatment plant with capacity of 2,000m3­/day and night.

Phuc Dien IP:

Location:Phuc DienIndustrial Park is locatedadjacent toHighway 5atKm38(South), belonging tothe communes ofCam Phuc andCamDien,Cam Giangdistrict;43kmfrom Hanoi, 62kmfromHai Phong.

Area: 87ha.

This IP is intended for various industries:Mechanicalassembly, consumer goods production, handicraftgoods, textile, food andagriculturalprocessing.


-  The main road of the industrial park, which connects with Highway #5, is26m wide. Other distributor routes: 18.5m and 13.5m cross-cut.

- Electricity:supplied from Phuc Dien Station 110kV.

- Water: supplied by Hai Duong Water Business Company.

- Waste water treatment plant with capacity of 1.000m3­/day and night.

Nam Sach IP:

Location: Nam Sach Industrial Park islocatedadjacent toHighway 5atKm58(North), belonging to the communes ofNamDongandAi Quoc,HaiDuongcity. 63kmfrom Hanoi, 42kmfromHai Phong.

Area: 62.421ha. Near the IP to the Norther West, there is an urban-industrial service area of Ai Quoc Commune, Hai Duong City.

The IP is intended for following sectors:Mechanicalassembly;productionof consumer goods, handicraftgoods;textiles, foodprocessing;manufacturingindustrialproduction; electrical-electronics.


- The main road of the industrial park, which connects with the National Road 37 at Km0+500, is 27m wide (road surface 7.5m x 2.0, road median: 2m, pavement: 5m x 2). Other distributor roads: 16.25m, 15.25m and 13.5m.

- Electricity: supplied from Lai Khe Power Station 110kV.

- Water: supplied by VIWASEN Company

- Waste water treatment plant with capacity of 1.600m3­/day and night.

Projects calling for investment

Infrastructure development inHai Duong Industrial Clusters (ICc):

- Location: in the province’s Industrial Clusters

- The areas and investment capital of each IC has been approved by the provincial People’s Committee. Investors can choose any suitable projects.

+ Investment mechanism:

- Bidding (if there is more than oneinvestors interested)

- Appointment of contractor(if there is only one investor interested).

Refrigeration and electronics production:

- Location: in the province’s IPs; and ICs: Cao An (Cam Giang); Nguyen Giap (Tu Ky); Doan Thuong, Thach Khoi(Gia Loc); Thai Hoc (Binh Giang).

- Expected investment capital: minimum USD50 million (or VND800 billion).

New construction materials production:

- Location: in the province’s IPs; and ICs: Kinh Mon, Thanh Ha, Tu Ky, Ninh Giang, Chi Linh.

- Expected investment capital: minimum USD20 million (or VND320 billion).

Assembly and production of automobiles, construction equipment and machinery, agriculture machinery:

- Location: Kinh Mon, Thanh Ha, Tu Ky, Ninh Giang, Chi Linh..

- Expected investment capital: minimum USD30 million (or VND480 billion).

Electric and diesel motors manufacture:

- Location: IPs;and ICs: Kinh Mon, Thanh Ha, Tu Ky, Ninh Giang, Chi Linh.

- Expected investment capital: minimum USD10 million (or VND160 billion).

Power-saving lighting equipment manufacture:

- Location: IPs and ICs of the province;

- Expected investment capital: minimum USD10 million (or VND160 billion).

Productionandassembly of audiovisual and digital equipment:

- Location: IPs and ICs of the province;

- Expected investment capital: minimum USD30 million (or VND480 billion).

Construction of a high-class trading and apartment buildings:

- Location: in the area of the Grinding factory and Pumping plant (Hai Duong City).

- Area: 7 ha;

- Construction of buildings of minimum 10 storeys

- Project purpose: supplying trading service, office space and apartment for lease for high income inhabitants




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