Ha Nam

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- Ha Nam is a province in Hong River Delta, in the south of Ha Noi Capital, the east of Ha Nam is towards Hung Yen Province and Thai Binh province, the south is towards Nam Dinh Province and Ninh Binh Province, the west is contiguous Hoa Binh Province.


- Phu Ly City – the provincial city of Ha Nam which is in the Ring Road system of Ha Noi Capital has the traffic routes: No. 01A Highway, North-South highway, No 21A, 21B, 38 highways and North-South railway. Ha Nam is 80 km far from Noi Bai Airport, 130 km far from Hai Phong Seaport. This is the important advantage of having business relationship, economic cooperation with other provinces, especially with Ha Noi and other provinces in Hong River Delta and the provinces along North-South traffic route.


- The geological and economical location of Ha Nam is considered as the economic bridge between the focused economic area in the North Viet Nam and the area in the south of Hong River. Along the Trans-Asia traffic corridor (Ha Noi – Ho Chi Minh City – Moc Bai), Ha Nam is a point in this route. The Trans-Asis corridor is a part of the Treaty ‘2 traffic corridor, 1 economic area with China which holds the important position in cultural -economic development of the nation to 2030, vision to 2045.




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Geographical location:

Ha Nam is located at 200 northern latitude and between 1050– 1100 eastern longitude, on south of Red River Delta with area of 851.7 50km far from Ha Noi, Ha Nam is the southern gate of the capital; The province borders Hanoi (old Ha Tay) to the north, Hung Yen and Thai Binh to the east, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh to the south and Hoa Binh to the west.



Ha Nam has an area of 859.5 km2. Ha Nam has 6 administrative divisions including Phu Ly city and 5 districts (Duy Tiên, Lý Nhân, Bình Lục, Thanh Liêm, Kim Bảng).



Ha Nam has a population of 800,000 with population density of 913 people/km2. The number of people in working age occupies 55% of the population with approximately 13–14.5 thousand people. The population in a 30km-radius area is 2 million people and there are 1.1 million people that can join the labour force. The labour force of Ha Nam province is young, has secondary or highereducation background and most of them graduate from high school. The number of people specializing in science and technology is abundant with 12,000 people having tertiary and post-graduate education (making up 3% of the province’s labour force). The ratio of trained labour force is approx. 40%.


Socio-economic situation:

GDP of the province increases 13.5% yearly on average. Economic structure is shiftedtowards the direction of increasing the proportion of construction-industry, decreasing proportion of agriculture.

Main industrial products include: construction materials(mainly cement), processed food and agricultural products(mainly beer, milk, feed);garment &textile (50 million meters of cloth, 25 million garment products, 25,000 ton of fibre per year), assembling and consumer goods.

Handicrafts products are abundant (carpentry, embroidery, weave, rattan and bamboo weave …). However, the scale of mechanics, electronics, supporting industry, high technology industries is still small.


FDI attraction:

As of 2013, Ha Nam had 78 foreign investment projects with total registered capital of USD 635.8 million, ranking 36th in the country. In 2013, Ha Nam issued new investment certificates for 24 projects with total newly registered capital of USD 126.2 millions. The number of increased capital projects is06 and newly registered capital is USD 6.94 millions. So, in 2013, the province attracted USD 133.14 millions of FDI, ranking 24th and making up 0.6% of the whole country’s FDI attraction volume.


Transportation: The network of roads, railroads, waterways have been invested and upgraded to meet the travelling and transportation requirement, especially, to link the industrial zones with public transportation network.

Air transport: Ha Nam is located 80 km from Noi Bai International Airport, just one and a half hoursby car,  which is so convenient for traveling to other inland and overseas regions.

Treated water supply and waste water treatment: There is atreated water supply system with capacity of 60,000 m3/day&night. Song Hong Water Treatment Plant is going to be built to provide100,000 m3/day&night of water to the border of the factories. Waste water treatment system operates simultaneously with the waste water collection systems.

Electricity supply: Electricity is supplied sufficiently up to the border of project plots.

Post and telecommunication: Telecommunication service (internet, postal service) is available for domestic and international communication. Particularly, the two telecom suppliers, VNPT and Viettel, provide the optical fibers telecommunication system with high speed transmission lines to the fence of enterprises.

Commerce, finance, credit, banking system: Ha Nam now has12 bank branches. This system is being enlarged to meet the banking requirements of companies, individuals and organizations.


Potential for development:

Ha Nam has many favorable conditions such as: Young labour force, favourable geographical position, good infrastructure, huge land fund and lime resource,etc. The Ha Nam people possess the traditional fondness for learning, are hard-working, creative and humanistic.

Ha Nam considersindustrial sector as a motive to speed up social-economic development effectively and sustainably in order to become an industrial province before the year 2020.

Ha Nam considers the investment cooperation as a crucial task in enhancing social-economic development of the province.

Investment priority is offered to advantageous industries and fields such as: Mechanics, manufacturing, assembling, supplier industries, components manufacturing and electronic devices assembling, consumer goods manufacturing, processing industry, which have innovative technologies and are environment-friendly. Investment is also encouraged in infrastructure developmentin industrial zones and industrial clusters, ecotourism, infrastructure development in new urban areas in the province;

Ha Nam seriously focuses on training and promoting the human resources basing on developing comprehensive education, implementing the social security policies, heightening the level of enjoyment of culturally spiritual values for the people. Ha Nam calls for investment in building hospitals, universities at the region level in the province.


Investment attraction orientation:

Priority is offered to projects which do not affect the environment, use innovative technologies and ensure the investment effectiveness. The following investment fields are encouraged:

-Industrial production: Mechanical engineering, assembling, electronics, elecommunication, information technology, supporting industry;

- Infrastructure development in industrial parks, urban areas, trading and service areas;

- Healthcare, education: Building of tertiary establishments, vocational schools and high standard hospitals;

- Environment:

+ Supply of treated water to industrial parks and urban areas;

+ Treatment ofsolid wastes and waste water.


Economic zones and industrial parks in the province:

Dong Van Industrial Parks (Dong Van I, II):

Location: Dong Van town, Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province;adjacent to Highway 1A, National Road 38, North-South railway; 40 km away from Hanoi, 70 km away from Noi Bai Airport, 90km away from Hai Phong seaport.

Dong Van I Industrial Park:

- Area: 208 ha.

- Infrastructure has been fully developed.The number of operating companies in the IZ: 59 (in which there are 20 foreign companies); registered capital: 2,274 billion VND (and 94.1 million USD). The unoccupied area is about 50 ha which is ready to welcome Japanese investors.

Dong Van II Industrial Park:

- Area: 320 ha.

- Infrastructure has been fully developed. The number of operating projects in the IZ: 29, in which there are 22 FDI projects (there are 22 Japanese projects such as Honda Vietnam Company, Sumi Vietnam Wiring Systems Co., Ltd,Eidai Vietnam Co., Ltd,… ); registered capital: 1,836.2 billion VND (and 321.7 million USD).

- Leasing rate of land with infrastructure: 50-55 USD/m2/44 years (open to negotiation)

- Cost of industrial service and maintaining the infrastructure: 0.3 USD/m2/year.

- Area with infrastructure available for rent: 75 ha

Dong Van III  Industrial Park:

- Area 300ha

- Location: Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province; south of Dong Van Industrial Park; adjacent to Highway 1A, National Road 38, North-South railway;42 km away from Hanoi, 72 km away from Noi Bai Airport, 90 km away from Hai Phong seaport.

- Ready to welcome infrastructure developers (parts of the IZ can be invested to form industrial parksfor investors from a specific country).

Chau Son Industrial Park (including South-West Industrial Cluster):

- Location: Phu Ly city, Ha Nam Province; 1 km away from Highway 1A, 2 km away from North-South railway, 58 km away from Hanoi Capital, about 80 km away from Noi Bai Airport, 100 km away from Hai Phong seaport.

- Area:324ha;

-Infrastructure: fully developed;

- The number of projects operating in the IP: 48; the number of FDI projects:12; total investment capital:3,829.6 billion VND and 94.7 million USD.

- Area of land with infrastructure available for rent: 100 ha.

Hoa Mac Industrial Park:

- Location: Hoa Mac town, Duy Tien District, Ha Nam Province;adjacent to National Road 38; 6 km away from Highway 1A.

- Area: 131 ha.

- Infrastructure:  synchroniously developed in major part of the IP;

- The number of projects operating in the IP: 06; the number of FDI projects: 01; total investment capital:  374.6 billion VND and 3.0 billion USD;

- Area of land with infrastructure available for rent: 50 ha.


Planned industrial parks calling for infrastructure development:

- Kim Bang IP: Area: 300 ha; 2 km from the National Highway 1A; 4 km from Highway 1A.

- ThanhLiemIP: Area: 200 ha;adjacent to Highway 1A; 4km from the North – South railway;

- Liem Phong IP: Area: 200 ha; adjacent to National Road#21; 4 km from the North - South Railway.


Projects calling for investment:

*) Production of fertilizer from waste:

- Technological options: totally burial& hygienic.. 

- Size of landfill area and disposal area: Medium. 

- Landfill and processing capacity: 120 tons of waste / day&night. 

- Time of using the landfill area: 10 years. 

- Construction location: Dam Gai Valley, Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province.

- Dumping area: 18 ha 

*) Project for lake embankment of Nguyen Khuyen Park – Phu Ly Town

The project items include:

- Construction of 1600m of roads.

- Construction of 1,380m of lake embankment and lakeside concretesteps;

- Construction of 1,700 meters of waste water drainage;

- Building the lighting systems of the area;

- Location: Hai Ba Trung Ward, Phu Ly Town. Area for use: 50.000m2 of water surface

*) Development of a new urban area to the east of Me Dike (in Phu Ly town)

- Project objective: construction of houses for sale and for lease;

- Location of the project plot: adjacent to Chau Giang Dike to the north, to the Provincial Road 971 to the south (Tran Hung Dao Street), adjacen to Me Dike to the west and to the proposed road crossing Chau River to the east.

- Total designed area: 41 hectares, including:

+ Land area for house construction: 16-18 hectares (40-45% of the total area). Land area forsemi-attached houses: 60-70%, area for villars: 30-40%;

- Land for public works (specifically used for the project houses): 6 hectares (15% of total area); 

- Land for urban public works: 3 hectares (8%of the total area); 

- Land for transportation: 10-12 hectares (25-30%);

- Land for green trees in the residential area:3 hectares;

-Estimated population: 4000-6000 people

*) New Urban Area to the south of Tran Hung Dao street (Phu Ly Town)

- Project objective: construction of houses for sale and for lease;

- Location of the project plot: in the southeast of Phu Ly Town, Liem Chinh commune and part of Chau Thanh Commune and Tran Hung Dao ward; adjacent to National Road 21A and the North-South railway to the south and west; adjacent to a residential area to the east and paddy fields of Me Thuong Village,and adjacent to Tran Hung Dao Street to the North.

- Total designed area: 56.78 hectares, including:

+ Land area for house construction: 217,076 sq. meters (38% of the total area).

+ Land for transportation: 189,235 sq.m (35%);

+ Land for public works 75,619 sq.meters (13% of total area); 

+ Land for green trees, pond, chanels: 75,000 sq.meters (16%)

+ Estimated population: 7500 people


Functional areas:

- Area for offices, public works and services: In addition to the existingfacilities, some additional facilities will be built such as: kindergarten, office for local WardPeople's Committee, School, Education Center and some public service facilities.

- Residential area: Restoration and rearrangement ofthe existing residential areas. The new area will be used for construction of semi-attached houses, villas and apartments.
- Green trees will be planted around the lake. Green areas will be allocated alternately in the residential area.




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