Nam Dinh

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- Nam Dinh is a province in the Red River Delta region of the north Vietnam. The province is 90 km away from Hanoi toward the south and 90 km away from Hai Phong along the National Route 10 to the East.


- Nam Dinh is in the directly effective region by the growth triangle of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh. The province is the economic corridor Con Minh - Lao Cai - Ha Noi - Hai Phong, the economic corridor of Nam Ninh - Lang Son - Ha Noi - Hai Phong and the economic belt by the side of northern gulf (National Route 1, National Route 10, and National Route 21).




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Geographical location:

Nam Dinh province borders Thai Binh and Ninh Binh provinces to the south, Ha Nam province to the northwest, the Gulf of Tonk in to the east.






1,833,500 peoples with a population density of 1,196 people/km ².


Socio-economic situation:

The total domestic product (GDP) of Nam Dinh province was estimated at VND11,725 billion, an increase of 12.1% over the same period of the previous year. GDP per capita at current price reached VND19.2 million. The total value of production agriculture - forestry - fishery was VND4,592 billion, up by 3.1%.

Industrial production reached VND12,231 billion, up by 21.5%. In particular, the central industry reached VND1,538 billion, up by 12.4%, local industry reached VND9,712 billion, up by 23%, and the industry with foreign investment capital reached VND981 billion, up by 22%.

The value of exports reached USD322 million, up by 27%; import goods valued reached USD268 million, up by 29.7% over the same period the previous year.


FDI attraction:

As of year 2013, there were 44 FDI projects in Nam Dinh province with total registered capital of USD268.98 million, ranking 42nd in the country in terms of registered capital. In 2013 alone, the province granted new investment certificates to 03 projects with total registered capital of USD12.64 million. However, in 2013 there were 02 FDI projects that had reduction capital of USD3.74 million. So, in year 2013, the province attracted USD8.9 million of FDI capital, ranking 41st in the country.



Transportation: Nam Dinh has a widespread transportation network which can reach any areas of the country. Nam Dinh is 90 km from Hanoi to the south, 90 km from Hai Phong along Highway 10 to the east. The railway system in the province is42 km long with six stations; the Highway Hanoi - Ninh Binh runs through Nam Dinh province with the length of 21 km. There are 4 major rivers in the province’s area with a total length of 251 km, and the local river system of 279km, forming a local transport waterway network convenient for travelling and transporting goods. There are 72 km of coastline and Thinh Long port with cargo handling capacity of 30,000 tons/year which it will be upgraded to be a general commercial port with capacity of 1 million tons/ year in the future.


Electricity: The electric systemcan ensurethe needs of household consumption and industrial production. Infuture, Nam Dinh will have a thermal power plant (Phase I :2400MW).


Water supply: the water supply network canensurethe needs of household consumption and industrial production.


Schools: There are fouruniversities, eightcolleges andmanyhigh schoolsand vocationalschools in the province area.


Healthcare: In the province area there are19hospitals, 5regionalclinics, 248ward-level healthcare sattions, with a total of4,298beds, including aregionalgeneral hospitalof 700beds which are being invested.


Potential for development:

Low-lying delta region: comprises the districts of Vu Ban , Y Yen , My Loc , Nam Truc , Truc Ninh and Xuan Truong. These areas aresuitable for development of intensive agriculture, textile industry, processing industry, mechanical industry and traditional trades.


Coastal plain region: comprises the districts of Giao Thuy , Hai Hau and Nghia Hung. 72 km of coastline in addition to fertile land is the great potential for development of integrated coastal economy.


The Industrial-Service Core Area of Nam Dinh city: have the textile industry , mechanical industry , processing industry, traditional trades,  trade streetsand long-history general services. Nam Dinh city was once a textile centre of the the country, a commercial - service center and the southern gateway of the Red River Delta .


Investment attraction orientation:

- Establishment ofcentres of science -technology, training,education, sports,tourism, industry -hightechnology;

- Encouragement of investment such sectors as: infrastructure development in IPs; electric- electronics; computer software production; tourism; mechanical assembly;production ofmechanical parts; production ofgarmentaccessories; production ofconsumer goods;agricultural processing.


Investment incentives:

In addition to the incentives under the Investment Law, investment projects in Nam Dinh industrial parks are entitled to extraincentives subject to specific projects, as follows:

+ Incentives under Decision No. 22/5/2008 dated 08/2008/QD-UBND of Nam Dinh province on the issuance of "A number of mechanisms and policies to encourage development and commercial operation of infrastructure facilities; investment and doing business in Nam Dinh Industrial Parks".

+ Incentives under Decision 24/2011/QD-UBND dated 07/10/2011 of Nam Dinh provincial People's Committee on the issuance of “Mechanisms and policies to encourage and support investment projects with large capital, high-tech in Nam Dinh province".


Economic Zones, Industrila Parks in Nam Dinh province:

Hoa Xa Industrila Park:

- Area: 285.27 ha

- Leased land: 100 %


My Trung Industrila Park:

- Area: 150.68 ha

- Leased land: 27.05 %


Bao Minh Industrila Park:

- Area: 154.5 ha

- Leased land: 34.56 %


Projects calling for investment:

Parts manufacture and assembly for light trucks and coaches :

- Location: Mỹ Trung Industrial Park

- Area: approx.03 ha


Electronics manufacturing,softwareproduction:

- Location: My Trung Industrial Park, Nam Dinh City information techonology center

- Area: 03 ha


Agricultural machinery manufacture:

- Location: My Trung Industrila Park, Xuan Tien Industrial Complex, Dong Coi.

- Area: 5 ha

- Objectives: Manufacture of agricultural machinery, water pumpsfor the local marketandSouth of the Red River Delta.


Aquaculture project:

- Location: Giao Thuy Commune, Giao Thuy District

- Area: 50 ha

- Purpose: raising of clam


Development and commercial operation ofinfrastructure facilities in Nghia AnIndustrial Park:

- Location: Nghia Tan Commune, Nam Truc District

- Area: 150 ha


A New Building Materials plant:

- Location: My Trung Industrial Park new

- Area: 10 ha

- Purpose: production of building materials to replace normal materials


Infrastructure Development for Ninh Co Economic Zone:

- Location: Hai Hau District and Nghia Hung District

- Area: 13,000 ha


Construction of a Coastal Highway (Route: Thanh Hóa – Ninh Bình – Nam Định – Thái Bình – Hải Phòng – Quảng Ninh):

- Location: Districts of Nghia Hung, Hai Hau, Giao Thuy

- Length: 40 km


Infrastructure development for Hong Thai Industrial Park:

- Location: Y Yen District

- Area: 150 ha


Construction of a thermal power plant:

- Location: Communes of Hai Chau – Hai Hau

- Area: 200 ha

- Purpose: Building a thermal plant, capacity of 1200 MVA




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