Ha Tinh

Location Presentation


- Ha Tinh is located in the North- Middle of Viet Nam; the north is towards Nghe An, the South is towards Quang binh, the west is towards Laos, the east is towards East Ocean with 137 kilometers of coastline.


- Ha Tinh is 350 kilometers far from Ha Noi; located between 02 national airports. Vinh Airport is 50 kilometers far from Ha Tinh City (it takes 45 minutes by car). Dong Hoi Airport is 60 kilometers far from Vung Ang Industrial zone (it takes 55 minutes by car). The main road routes of the nation are across Ha Tinh; No. 1A Highway, Hochiminh road; high-speed railway, high-speed road on North-South Route has been planned and built. On East-West route, there are No. 8A and 12 Highway which are through Cao Treo International Border Gate in Ha Tinh and Cha Lo Border Gate in Quang Binh towards Laos and Thailand.




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Geographical location:

Ha Tinh province is located in the center of northern central area. It is bordered by Nghe An province to the North, Quang Binh province to the South, East Sea with a coastline of 137km to the East, Lao People’s Democratic  Republic with 145 km long border to the West; Ha Tinh city is 340 km and 1,348 km far from Ha Noi Capital and Ho Chi Minh city respectively. The diverse topography includes hills and mountains, midland, plains and sea.


Area: 6,019 km2.


Population: around 1.3 million people.


Socio- economic situation:

Ha Tinh has relatively good economicgrowth rate.Annual GDP increases 10% annuallyon average.Economic structure is shifting rapidly towards the direction of increasing the proportion of industry – services sector, reducing the proportion of argiculture sector.

All economic components and sectors are developing well, creating solid economic growth. High-scientific-contentindustries like high technology, electronics, heavy industry and engineering have been established in Ha Tinh. The investment environment is increasingly improved. Administrative procedures continue to be reformed to become simpler, less time-consuming and more convenient for investors. Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) is being improved.

In recent years, the planning and basic construction investment has been carried out along with the completion and issuanceof open and attractive mechanism and policies for FDI attraction. As a result, the province now has two economic zones and a number of industrial parks which were approved by the Prime Minister with total area of 80,000 ha and many other industrial clusters. Vung Ang Economic Zone covers an area of 22.781 ha and is the place for 90 investment projects withs total registered investment capital of VND1,400 billion.


FDI attraction:

As of 2013, Ha Tinh had 53 foreign investment projects with total registered capital of USD1,0613 million, ranking 6th in the country. In 2013, Ha Tinh issued new investment certificates for 9 projects with total newly registered capital of USD44.8 millions. There weretwo capital-growth projects with newly increased capital of USD4.82 millions. So, in 2013, the province attracted USD 49.62 million FDI, ranking 28th and making up 0.2% of FDI capital in the country.


Infrastructure system:

Transport infrastructure: The transportation network includes road, rail,river and sea transport, very convenient for both domestic and international trading. There are 3 transport axisrunning through Ha Tinh: Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh Highway and the North – South railway; Highway 12 runs to Chalo border gate; Highway 8A which connects the Cau Treo border gate with the deepwater port of Vung Ang–Son Duong is the shortest gateway to the sea for Laos and the northeastern provinces of Thailand. Currently two jetties atVung Ang seaport havebeen built for vessels of 50,000 MT, and Son Duong deepwater port is going to be constructed for ships of 30,000 MT.

Power system: The 110 kV, 220 kV, 500 kV lines of the national grid runsacross Ha Tinh area. A cluster of thermal power plants with capacity of 4,800 MWhas been planned in Vung Ang Economic Zone by the Government, among which the  1,200MW Vung Ang 1 thermal power plant, invested by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group,has had itsboilers installed. Vung Ang 2 Thermal Power Plant is starting construction.

Irrigation system : Ha Tinh has abundant water resources thanks to adensestream and river system. There are 13 big and small rivers such as Ngan Sau River, Ngan Pho River, La River, Nghen River ... ; 345 reservoirs , 48 dams with a total capacity of over 800 million m3 of water ; many large irrigation projects are being implemented to meet water needs for production such as multi-purpose irrigation works of Ngan Tuoi – Cam Trang with a 800million m3 reservoir.

Water supply:The water supply system was constructed in accordance with the province’s socio-economic development plannings. The water sources for water treatment plants are abundant. Water treatment plants were built in all towns, cities and EZs.

The Communication system was: developed in the whole province area to provide various telecommunication services for investors domestically and internationally.

The Banking and financial systemis good enough to ensure any banking transaction domestically and internationally.


Potential for development:

Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh road and the North-South railway run through Ha Tinh province;National Road 8A and 12A, along the east–west corridor axis connect Vung Ang seaport with Laos and the northeastern region of Thailand, Myanmar via Cau Treo and Cha Lo international border gates. Ha Tinh has plain, forests and sea with a lot of agricultural, forestry, sea products and rare animals, especially precious minerals such as iron ore of about 544 million tons, titan etc.

Ha Tinh has many famous tourist attractions. To the east of the province there is a long beautiful beach which has been planned as a marine eco-tourism zone. These are great potential for the development of tourism, service and fishing.


Orientation of investment attraction:

- Investment is highly encouraged in Vung Ang Economic Zone, Cau Treo international border-gate Economic Zone, Ha Tinh city, Hong Linh town and industrial parks, industrial clusters and centres in the province;

- Priority is given to such sectors as: infrastructure development, house construction; machinery manufacture; agro-forestry-aquatic culture and processing; food processing; shoes making and textile; transport, tourism, trading, hotel service ect., to serve national key projects and ensure sustainable development;

- Development of seaport services;

- Development of supporting industries;

- Development of international economic cooperation; implementation of Cooperation Agreements signed between provincial authorities, enterprises and foreign partners;


Economic zones and industrial parks in the province:

Vung Ang Economic Zone (in Ky Anh district): established and operates in accordance with Decision No.72/2006/QĐ-TTg dated April 3rd, 2006 of the Prime Minister.

- Area: 22,781 ha.

- Current status: In the EZ, there are 330 active enterprises. 68 projects were granted with total registered capital of USD16 billion and 42 domestic projects with registered investment capital of USD42,993 billion.

- Although many big projects have not directly created material value from business activities such as Vung Ang I Thermal Power Project, Vung Ang II Thermal Power Project Iron and Steel Complex and Son Duong Formosa Ha Tinh Port Project..., it they have contributed over VND1,780 billion to the state budget from import tax, construction tax, naturalresources tax.

Vung Ang Economic Zone became one of the most leading industrial zones about investment capital and fill rate. In the near future,it will have its main products such as iron, steel, petrochemical, thermal power, seaports services ... and is gradually forming the largest heavy industrial centre of Vietnam.


Economic zone of Cau Treo international bordergate:

Cau Treo international bordergate economic zone was established in Huong Son district under 162/2007/QD-TTg Decision dated 19/10/2007 of the Prime Minister with an area of 56.684 ha, 350 km far from the Vientiane Capital (of Laos), 220 km far from the Ban Peng (Thailand) border gate.

- Investment priorities in the EZ: trade, services, tourism, import - export, industrial production, development and commercial operation of infrastructure of industrial parks.

- The Economic Zone has 360 enterprises granted business registration and investment certificates with a total registered capital of VND2,500 billion. Commercial and export activities gained good development. The establishment of this Economic Zone aimed to promote strong economic cooperation between Vietnam, Laos and the northeastern provinces of Thailand.


Ha Vang Industrial Park (in Can Loc district):

- Area: 300 hectares;

- Investment priorities: mechanical assembly; electrical, electronics parts manufacture; agro-forestry-aquatic products processing; construction materials production; consumer goods production , production of  household appliances. Active projects inthe Industrial Park:Animal feed processing plant, Paper mills, Rice processing.


Gia Lach Industrial Park (in Nghi Xuan district):

- Area:350 hectares;

- Investment prioritiesproduction of household appliances, mechanical processing, parts manufacturing; agro-forestry-aquatic products processing.Active projects inthe Industrial Park:two packaging plants.


Investment incentives for economic zones:

- For non-tariff Economic Zone:

- Goods and services produced and consumed in the economic zone do not bear value-added tax andspecial sonsumption tax. Goods and services imported from inland Vietnam into the economic zone enjoyed VAT rate of 0 % .

- Goods and services imported from inland Vietnam and from foreign countries into the economic zone are exempt from import,export duties. Goods produced, processed, recycled, assembled in the economic zones for export overseas are duty-free.

- Goods produced, processed, recycled, assembled using materials, supplies, components and semi-finished products from abroad, shall be exempt from import tax for 5 years from the start of production when being imported into Vietnam; if there is the absence of the use of materials and components imported from abroad, that goods shall be exempt from import duties.

- Free land rent for 11 years and 30% of rent from the 12th year onwards.

- Support for site clearance labor training .


The investment incentives for industrial parks:

- Investment projects in industrial parksare entitled to preferential treatment applicable to areas with dificult socio-economic social conditions under the provisions of the Investment Law, Enterprise Income Tax Law and other regulations of current law.

- Infrastructure developers are encouraged to invest in IPs.


Projects calling for investment

- Development and commercial operation of infrastructure facilities in non- tariff areas: Vung Ang Economic Zone

- Construction ofUrban, Commerceand Services areas of Ky Phuong, Ky Long, Ky Lien, Ky Trinh: Vung Ang Economic Zone.

- MDF wood production factory: Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

-  Pulp production plant of 20,000 tons /year : Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Meat processing plant for export (3,600 tons/year): Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Food processing plant(20,000 tons/year) : Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Fruit and vegetable cultivation and processing for export: in districts andt owns.

- Oil refinery plant (16 million tonnes/year): Vung Ang Economic Zone.

- Pigment Factory: Vung Ang Economic Zone.

- Terastone paving stone factory (350,000 m2 per year): Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Special Steel Plant : Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Coke production plant : Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Civil electronics assembly plant (4000 products/year): Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.

- Fiber plant (15,000 tons/year) : Economic Zone, Industrial Zone.




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