Investment Promotion Center – North Viet Nam is an administration unit under Foreign Investment Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment, which performs the functions of promoting and supporting investment activities in 29 northern provinces from from Ha Giang to Quang Binh.


The center is an administrative unit with self revenue, seal and account; the operational expenditure is from the annual expenditure of FIA which is granted by the government budget; the head office is located in Ha Noi.




Cooperate and assist the Northern provinces to build up the programs, plans and the portfolio of projects to appeal investment; perform the task of promoting investment for the local socio-economic development in each province;


Act as a focal point in receiving  plans from provinces and developing aggregated plans for implementation projects under National Program of Investment Promotion to submit to Foreign Investment Agency for approval;


Act as a focal point in summarization, monitoring, inspecting, evaluating and supervising the implementation of Investment Promotion Provincial Program in Northern provinces and report to Foreign Investment Agency;


Act as a focal point in implementing of promotional activities and in image building of the investment environment; participated in printing, publishing brochures and guideline materials about the investment environment in the Northern provinces;


Organize sessions of training, professional exchange, information updating and investment promotion skills in order to enhance the investment promotion capability for the Northern provinces;


Participated in co-operational agreement involved in information and communication by establishing divisions in enterprise support, divisions in investment connecting; act as a focal point of deploying international agreement and cooperation involved in investment promoting activities as assigned by the leaders of FIA;


Offering information in investment environment, investment policies and laws; organizing events; conducting researches in marketing, partners, investment locations; consult in policies and business strategies; create project application and other services based on the requirements of investors and relevant agencies according to provisions of laws;

Participated in implementing projects funded by international organizations, foreign investment partners, domestic and foreign private businesses as assigned by the leaders of FIA;

Coordinate closely with Investment Promotion center – Central Viet Nam, Investment Promotion Center – South Viet Nam which are also under the FIA; with Department of Planning and Investment, Management Boards of Industrial Parks, Investment Promotion Centers in provinces during the process of performing specialized tasks.

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